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biggest slice of pizza EVER! (plus, Al Jaffee)

Tonight I saw Al Jaffee of MAD Magazine fame give a talk at Columbia University. It was magnificent, and you can see some pictures on Facebook. He told some great stories, ranging from growing up in Savannah, Lithuania, and the Bronx; being one of the first students (along with future fellow MAD artist Will Elder) at the then-new School of Music and Art; working in the early days of the comics industry (which was mostly run by Jews, and so didn't have the anti-Semitism that other illustrative fields were choked with); to working with Harvey Kurtzman on the short-lived Trump and Humbug; to his time on MAD; to the creation of "Snappy Answers to Stupid Questions" and the fold-ins; to the entire staff of MAD converging on the home of their one subscriber in Haiti, who hadn't renewed.

Jaffee was delightfully crotchety, funny as hell, and still is at the top of his game. In short, I want to be Al Jaffee when I'm 88.

But afterward, I needed food. I found a place called Koronet Pizza on Broadway & 110th, which has the biggest fucking slices of pizza I've ever seen in my life.

Naturally, I had to take a picture, because would you believe me otherwise? Note the other plate, the Coke can, and my hat to give it scale. Yes, the slice of pizza is bigger than my head.

It was yummy....

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