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the week so far....

Looked over the Dragon Precinct story, and realized it needs a buttload of work (an assessment seconded by girasole), but the editor (damcphail) has generously given me to the end of the year.

Had to do a final pass on D'Argo's Quest #4, and also did final revisions to the mystery proposal. Did a couple of online interviews that should show up on the web some time soon. Also been getting in touch with editors, doing the trolling-for-work thing.

Did up the latest "Couch Potato Salad," which is a review of Alice that'll be on The Chronic Rift next week. Also recorded something for HG World (about which more in another post....).

I started doing the research necessary for the historical fantasy I want to do. I know which historical figure I want to focus on, and the commencement of the research has come with it a notion as to what the fantasy element will likely be.

Had lunch with my old buddy Glenn Greenberg today. He works at Scholastic, and afterward I walked up Broadway for a bit into NoHo. Was depressed to see that the old site of Tower Records is still for rent. The excellent independent bookstore Shakespeare & Co. is still there, though, and I picked up a couple things there.

(In general, I've been trying to do more stuff. Lately I've been to the Cloisters, the Museum of Modern Art, the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the Bronx Zoo, and Columbia University (the latter for the Al Jaffee talk last night). Plans are afoot for the Whitney (wanna see the Georgia O'Keeffe exhibit) and the New York Annex of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame (before it closes).)

Now I'm working on Farscape #6, which I'm running late on. Tomorrow is the monthly lunch with Dave Mack and Marco Palmieri and dinner with the Forebearance.

Looking ahead to the rest of December, I want to get at least three chapters of the urban fantasy written. I also need to rework Super City Police Department (remember that?). By the time I get through that, I should have done the research necessary to at least plot out the historical.

In the midst of that will be more Farscape scripts, of course. And I'm hoping other work becomes real between now and then......................
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