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Yesterday, I revised "Fire in the Hole," the Dragon Precinct story I've written for the Dragon's Lure anthology and sent it off to damcphail in the hopes that she likes it enough to actually, y'know, include it in the anthology. (Assuming she does, it'll be out from Dark Quest Books in May, with the formal release at Balticon.)

I also looked over the lettering for Farscape: D'Argo's Quest #2 and got and incorporated Rockne O'Bannon's notes on Farscape #7.

Today, I began Chapter 2 of the urban fantasy, writing 2100 words of the thing all told.

(I have also been introduced to the joys of the British TV series Hustle, and also finally got 'round to watching Doctor Who's "The End of Time Part 1." I'm going to wait until Part 2 before writing up anything formal about the latter, as I've been burned by RTD's season-ending two-parters far far far far far too often to even consider posting any thoughts on the commencement until I've seen the denouement.)

I'm now going to watch Fanboys, a movie I've been dying to see since I saw the trailer over a year ago, and finally bought on DVD a few months ago, but still haven't gotten around to watching. Cha cha cha.

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