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three new Farscape reviews

Steve at Goodreads reviews Farscape Volume 1: The Beginning of the End of the Beginning (the hardcover that collects the first miniseries).

Money quote:
This story was an excellent continuation of the PK Wars with Rygel's returning to his home planet and the Sun-Crichton Family enjoying their new found bliss. This story while lacking in the actors spin on their characters is very much in the Farscape feel and reads very much like the TV show. With old characters rearing their heads and a new evil that will likely build to something great in the much hoped for webisodes.

Greg Eales at Project Fanboy really liked D'Argo's Quest #2.

Money quote:
- Cover Art is GOOD!
- Good and fun story!
- D'Argo threatens to rip off Raxil's head and stomp on it...serveral times..YYYEESSS!!!

Finally, the ever-reliable Andrea Speed at comiXtreme gives Farscape #3 the same 3.5/5 she seems to give each issue we do.

Money quote:
Can you say frell? The story moves very fast... A fairly strong issue, even if predictable.

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