July 1st, 2004

enemy territory


Another 4500 words today, bringing the grand total up to almost 65K with five days to go. Of course, one of those days will be spent at a party and another at a Yankee game, so it's practically speaking only three days. (Okay, I may be able to sneak some in during the party, so we'll call it three-and-a-half.)

Since returning from Tulsa ten days ago, I've averaged 3616.4 words per day. In the six days prior to Tulsa, I averaged 3401 words per day. The fact that I'm 10,000 words behind the pace I set for myself is a direct result of losing those three days to Tulsa. It also shows that my 3500 words/day was realistic -- it was expecting to get work done while at a convention that was foolish.

Amusingly enough, I have not actually done 3500 words on any day. Closest I came was 3260 one day. Everything has either been over or under the total by a margin of at least 240 words, and sometimes as much as a couple thousand.

If I can get another 7000 words done in the next two days, which I think is realistic, I'll have broken 70K, which is good. The problem is, I've got more than 7000 words of story left. The prisoners have just been freed, the Gorkon still isn't spaceworthy, and the mutiny plot hasn't totally played out yet.

I'm happy with this book so far, certainly, and I think folks who enjoyed the other books will enjoy this one.

Okay, enough babbling. Time for bed.

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oh yeah...

Missed the Clapton concert for reasons far too silly to go into here. Such, as they say, is life in the big city. At least I got to hear the Yankee game, and I probably wouldn't have written the 1500 words I wrote tonight if I had, so it's all good.
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NYY, melky

what ... a ... game

Even if the Yankees had lost the game tonight, it would've been a great game. Final score was 5-4 in 13 innings, but it was crazier than that. What promised to be a Pedro Martinez vs. the Yankees pitchers duel wound up being a roller coaster of a game.

It went into extra innings at 3-3. Pedro hit Gary Sheffield quite deliberately, continuing his despicable play -- Jorge Posada and Tony Clark answered his bullshit with home runs, Jorge's an upper-deck blast that was a wonderful fuck-you to Pedro.

Both the Yankees and the Red Sox managed to get the bases loaded in one of their extra innings and not score. Then Manny Ramirez hit a homer in the top of the 13th, and I figured it was over. Tanyon Sturtze was pitching, as the rest of the Yankees bullpen had been burned through. The bench was emptied of all save for John Flaherty, the backup catcher.

In the bottom of the 13th, Posada and Clark both made out, and then I really figured the game was over, since Ruben "Streaky" Sierra was up, and he'd already struck out in a big situation earlier in the game. Even if he got up, he was being followed by Miguel Cairo, one of the Yanks' two weak-ass starting second basemen, and Sturtze (who had to bat due to a combination of bizarre circumstances connected to running out of outfielders and an injury to Derek Jeter).

But then the incredible happened, as the incredible often does when the Yanks and BoSox play. Sierra got a base hit. Cairo hit a double that scored Sierra and tied the game. Then Flaherty, the last guy on the bench, comes up to pinch hit. He works the count to 3-1 and then clubs a ground-rule double to win the game.

The irony? Manny Ramirez was playing a shallow left field to possibly cut off Cairo from scoring on a ground ball base hit. Thing is, there were two outs. If Manny played where he should've been playing, he probably would've caught the ball. I can understand the strategy of playing Manny shallow, but man it looks bad when it doesn't work....

The Yanks are now 8.5 games up. This may well be an insurmountable lead.

(And yeah, suricattus, I fully intend to gloat about this on Saturday. Live with it. )
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