July 4th, 2004

NYY, melky

long weekend

My brain hurts. This is because I've been writing 3500 words/day.

My body hurts. This is because I played a lot of volleyball yesterday and I'm 35 years old and the parts don't all work too good.

I don't know what it is. I've always had poor knees, but nothing earth-shattering until shortly after I turned 35 in April. Then it's like the warranty ran out after 35 years, and I've had aches and pains and sharp nasty-ass pain in the knees.


Anyhow, yesterday was the annual 4 July party that suricattus and her husband throw every year in which we eat a lot, drink a lot, schmooze a lot, and play a lot of very poor volleyball. This year was no different (on any front).

Many of us slept over as a preferable alternative to drinking and driving (I was using beer and scotch as painkillers), and then I drove two folks home to Queens on my way to Shea to watch the Yankees lose to the Mets.

I'm not sweating this all that much for several reasons:

1) The Yankees are still in first place by 7.5 games. The Mets are two games out of first place, and are only that close by virtue of playing in a sucky division.

2) The Yankees are the only 50-win team in baseball and are 21 games over .500. The Mets are only two games over .500, and it's the first time they've been that good in almost two years (August 2002 was the last time they were as high as two games over the dead-even mark).

3) The Mets need something to be happy about in July, 'cause the only thing they're likely to be happy about in October is the extra time they'll get to spend with their families.

4) I love the Yankees, but I hate George Steinbrenner, and it was his birthday today. There's a certain justice in him being swept by the hated hometown rival on his brithday.

So let the Met fans gloat and have their day in the sun. Given how dismal the team has been the last couple of years, they deserve something nice.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, I got a little over 2000 words written today -- some after waking up this morning, some sitting in the Shea Stadium parking lot. I plan to do more tonight, as I'm in the home stretch (just 1.5 chapters to go.....).

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