July 23rd, 2004

dragon precinct

here I am in Sandy Eggo.....

I am so glad that WorldCon is driving distance this year, 'cause my track record with flying to cons lately sucks like a vacuum cleaner on steroids....

I arrive at 9.30am for my 11.30am flight. I hadn't intended to get there quite at two whole hours ahead of time, but there was less traffic than anticipated getting to JFK. No big whoop. I check in at the self-serve counter, where they say the flight is on time, I bump into a colleague -- an editor at an SF publisher -- who's on the same flight, and we trundle off to the gate after checking our luggage.

Soon thereafter, I bump into two more colleagues -- both editors at a different SF publisher -- and I see various comics folks I know, and it turns into a party.

A party that goes sour when they announce at 10.30 that our 11.30 flight will depart at 2pm. Maybe.

Turns out the plane was broken. They tried to fix it. They failed. They said they'd have an announcement for sure at 1.30pm. 1.30 came around, and the announcement was that they'd have an announcement at 2. At 2, they announced that the flight would be at 5, and they'd give us meal vouchers. (Never let it be said that American Airlines didn't do the absolute least they could do for their passengers. )

The 5pm flight takes off at 5.45. Luckily, the people I'm meeting in L.A. Wednesday night are night owls. However, my plan to stop at the convention center to pick up my badge falls by the wayside. (This turns out to be less of an issue.) Still, between the time in the airport and the flight, I manage to line-edit a short story, write 4000 words of a short story of my own, read a few S.C.E. proposals, and read about 100 pages of I, Claudius by Robert Graves.

I get my rental car, drive up to L.A., and have a late dinner at a Mexican place.

The next morning, after sleeping on the friends' couch and bonding with their new kitten Chiquita (an adorable white-with-brown-spots kitten who keeps trying to grab my hand), I get a sharp reminder as to why I should always make sure that the people I crash with are coffee drinkers. They don't have any. So I leave a bit early to find somewhere that has caffeine.

I find it, then head to my meeting. Since getting to my 11am meeting in Beverly Hills involves the 405 and the 101, I leave an hour and fifteen minutes to get there from Pacoima.

For the second time in two days, I overestimate the amount of traffic. I arrive for my 11am meeting at 10am.

Luckily, the meeting -- with my Hollywood agent (he's a guy who works with my literary agent, but I just love saying "my Hollywood agent") -- is near Mulholland Drive, so I go up there, find a scenic overlook, and enjoy the view and read some more of I, Claudius for 45 minutes or so. Then I have the meeting, which went well, and should lead to some good meetings this weekend for people who will pay me lots of money to adapt Dragon Precinct to another medium. Hey, a guy can dream....

My other plan for the day fell by the wayside when I discovered that the person I was going to meet had an eye operation yesterday, and so really wasn't up to seeing people. So I left L.A. sooner than anticipated, and wound up back in San Diego at 4pm (taking the 405 and the 5 -- yes, there was traffic....). I was able to get my badge and at least get the lay of the exhibit halls. I bumped into about two dozen people I knew just from random wandering. I also made a breakfast date for tomorrow morning. Life is good.

So now I'm relaxing in the hotel room, having had a room-service dinner of steak, rice, soda, and red wine. I may wander downstairs and see if anyone's out and about. Or I may just crash for the night. Time, as they say, will tell.

Oh yeah, one other thing: my autographing is 2.30-3.30 tomorrow, not 2-3. Dopey me.
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