October 28th, 2004

I sold me a story!

There's this story that I wrote for a theme anthology. The editor really liked it, but it was a short-short (only 1200 words) and also humorous. The problem was, she didn't get any other humorous stories -- or, rather, she did, but wasn't taking any of them. She didn't want to have the only funny story in the book be this dinky little 1200-word thing, so she passed on it.

I then sent it to a magazine, which sat on it for a year before rejecting it. A few days later (on 18 October, in fact), I sent it to another magazine.

I just got e-mail from the editor, saying they're going to take it.

Once everything is finalized, I'll give more specific details. But I am very very chuffed.
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