November 1st, 2004

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another spiffy review

This time it's Killian Melloy of the amusingly named pop culture site, with a nice review of A Time for War, a Time for Peace:

The tone overall is one of denouement. Even the shady dealings and political attitudes at work behind the Presidential election seem tame after the wild ride in the eighth book, David Mack's riveting A Time to Heal. Overall, where Mack's two books where like a fighter jet, this book is more of a glider, and DeCandido brings the series to a close rather quietly, though with grace and style. This isn't a complaint. You won't be bored by the book. You just might want to shift your expectations a little and be prepared to savor and reflect.
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the best laid plans of mice and novelizers....

So back in late September, I put together a memo to Universal and Joss Whedon, to make sure that the approach I want to take with the Serenity novelization will work. Partly this is because of Mr. Whedon's very public comments made about novels based on his work that he doesn't have anything to do with -- to wit, he ain't entirely thrilled with 'em -- so I wanted to make sure he was included in the process as much as possible, plus some of the things I wanted to do might not be workable for some reason I can't think of (I've been doing this a long time, and licensors just love to come up with new and interesting ways to mess with you), and since I couldn't start Serenity until 1 November because of Articles of the Federation, I figured I'd send that memo off when I did, since they'd be bound to get back to me in five weeks.

That'll learn me. The mills of Hollywood grind slowly indeed.

I'm now at the start date for the book, and I don't have a response to my memo just yet, and I kinda need it to start the novelization. *headdesk* I'm sure I'll get a response and it will answer all my questions, but I gotta wait. *sigh*

Luckily I have some editorial work to occupy me the next two days, but the writing on this one's gonna make Enemy Territory look like a walk in the proverbial park........
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Ann Coulter is a gibbering imbecile

I'm watching her on Real Time with Bill Maher, and she has absolutely no connection with reality whatsoever.

My absolute favorite was her claim that John Kerry owes his career to family connections, specifically to his wife, and George W. Bush doesn't at all. Yes, she really said that. Maher even pointed out that Kerry was already a successful senator when he met and married Teresa Heinz, but she stuck to it. And anyone who can say with a straight face that Dubya doesn't owe his position to his daddy has her head so far up her rectum that her entire face is sticking out through her bellybutton.

She then just said that she didn't ask for the women to have the right to vote. And then she said the war in Iraq is a success.

The fact that this woman has any influence or authority or -- well, the fact that anybody pays any attention to what this fucking moron ever says is one of the great mysteries of modern civilization.

What a fucking tool.
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