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November 3rd, 2004 - KRAD's Inaccurate Guide to Life — LiveJournal
ramblings from a mad fedora'd writer
MSNBC has called Washington and Oregon for Kerry and Montana for Bush, but hasn't called Florida.

CNN has called Florida for Bush, but hasn't called Washington or Oregon or Montana.

And now MSNBC has called Colorado for Bush. Dammit.

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Even if Kerry does pull this out, it's going to be close. Either way, lots and lots and lots of people have voted for one of the worst presidents in the history of this country (though I can't bring myself to call him the worst in a world that has James K. Polk and Warren G. Harding and Herbert Hoover and Richard M. Nixon in it), and they have done so because of fear, because of stupidity, because of anti-intellectualism, because of hatred, because of venality, because of the worst elements of capitalism, because of a lack of understanding of reality, because of bigotry. George W. Bush represents the absolute worst of this country, in my opinion, and the fact that he stands a good chance of staying in office for four more years proves to me that the saying that we get the government we deserve is absolutely true.

If Bush actually legitimately wins a presidential election -- something he has yet to do (he was not elected the first time; neither was Gore, I hasten to add; Bush was appointed by the Supreme Court, bypassing the electoral process altogether) -- then we deserve the financial ruin, isolationism, and death and destruction that will surely follow.

And even if Kerry wins, it'll be so close that I will remain disgusted.

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I really don't see how they can make any kind of definitive statement on Ohio yet. And most of the people who are conceding Bush's victory are predicating it on Ohio, and I would think that Florida 2000 would be more than enough to keep anyone from prematurely calling a goddamn thing.

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Was hoping to wake up to better news this morning, but no such luck. It's still not final yet, but it seems pretty likely that George W. Bush will remain president for another four years.

If so, then we will have to deal with it for another four years. But those who think things are as bad as they've ever been are falling into the typical human tendency to think things are worse now than they've ever been, which is as common as it is bogus.

Yes, we're living in a time of huge deficits, a massive economic divide between the rich and the poor, of the Christian Right controlling way too much of the agenda, and at a time when there are enemies that would like nothing more than to wipe us out and could very easily do so.

What I've just described, of course, is the period from 1981-1989 when Ronald Reagan was president.

We've survived having some scary-ass mofos in the Oval Office. Reagan and his trickle-down economics and scandal-ridden administration; Richard M. Nixon, whose arrogance makes Dubya look meek, and Watergate and Vietnam; Dwight D. Eisenhower sitting on his hands while Joe McCarthy and J. Edgar Hoover did everything they could to ruin people's lives for no good reason; Herbert Hoover and the Great Depression; James K. Polk and his imperialism and systematic destruction of an entire people (Polk did more than any other single president to wipe out the Native American population).

We'll survive this scary-ass mofo, too. It won't be easy. It will, in fact, be horrendously unpleasant and dangerous and may well get a lot more people killed.

Which is exactly why now is the worst possible time to give up the fight. Yes, it seems extremely hopeless, but things seemed hopeless before. When your back is to the wall is when you fight harder.

The night of the day that two planes flew into two buildings, I made a conscious decision to finish the line edit I had been working on. I wanted to get back into the routine because, goddammit, life does go on and I wasn't going to let the bastards win.

And I'm not going to let those using terror as a weapon in Washington win any more than I was willing to let those using terror as a weapon in the Middle East do so.

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