July 8th, 2005



1) Tie-in proposal has been revised to what I hope are the licensor specifications. Gonna give it one final read-through, then send it to the editor and cross my fingers.

2) Warcraft: Cycle of Hatred is DONE DONE DONE! Blizzard gave their okay on the rewritten ending, and it has been e-mailed to the editor to start wending its way through the long and winding road of the production process.

3) Got about fifteen chapters of another tie-in proposal written, having finally gotten an idea of where the plot will go, plus I've gotten approval from the editor for two things I wanted to do. Yes, I'm being vague, but when I can announce this, I promise you, it will kick. I'm really excited about this one. *big grin*

4) Have seen the cover for Spider-Man: Down These Mean Streets. It looks very nice. I love the design take Pocket is using. Should be able to show it off at Shore Leave this weekend -- still waiting for the final okay from Marvel.

5) Have packed for Shore Leave. I think. Wibble.

I should probably eat something.....
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in other violent news....

In karate class tonight -- a class, BTW, that included six black belts, one advanced brown belt (one step below black), and me -- I broke two boards. I was gonna only break one, but one of the black belts (the one who teaches the Wednesday blue-belt class) convinced me that I could break two, really I could, so I figured what the hey. And I did it. I was so proud.

As with the last time, I did it with a shuto strike (your basic chop with the side of your hand). Some day, I may try something else.... *chuckle*
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new icon

The icon you see accompanying this post (and, now, several others) is my new "general writing" icon. I try to match icon to subject matter where possible, and my shiny new 50-icon status allows me to do that more readily.

That picture was taken at Boskone in 2001 by terri_osborne -- it's me participating in Iron Author. *smile* Only picture I got of me writing......
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demon Aoki....

Aoki's sitting perched on the back of the couch in my office. I had to take a picture. However, thanks to the flash, Collapse )
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