August 13th, 2005


it's all happening...

terri_osborne and I went to the Dublin Zoo today. This is a wonderful zoo, if small by the standards we're used to in the Bronx (and, for that matter, the ones in San Diego and Sydney), and also less complete. Having said that, they have an excellent range, including tigers (which made me happy), penguins (which made Terri happy), red pandas (which made us both happy), snow leopards, wolves, lions, elephants, various simians, ducks, geese, seagulls, zebras, giraffes, sealions, and a whole bunch more. They've got a reptile house, a South American house, a bird house, plus a whole lot of really good (and big) habitats for the animals to wander about in. I discovered there's an animal called a bongo (the fact that I didn't know this stuns us all), and did I mention there were several tigers? (I looooooooooooooove tigers.....)

Terri took a ton of pictures, which I'm sure she'll post to her LJ at some point. The penguins were especially friendly, and were practically posing for pictures.

The place can be walked in its entirety in four hours, and that's with a food break. We enjoyed every minute of it. I highly recommend this, and I say that as a member of the best zoo in the world......
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With the caveat that I may do more after I head back room-ward....

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To date:
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I'm only a day behind now, which is great.
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it's been a year

It was one year ago today that Mittens died.

Tonight, terri_osborne and I had a drink in the big galoot's honor and remembered several stories about him. I've also been going through the archives and rereading some old entries I made about him, including the night in July when we thought he was going to die, when our vet's groomer committed an obscenity by giving him a lion cut, when he kept showing old behavior even though he was dying, the night he slept with us all night, something he'd never done, only a week before he died, and a general update made when it was obviously near the end.

And then, finally, the post I made a year ago today when he finally left us.

I still miss that big guy. He was the best.
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