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September 15th, 2005 - KRAD's Inaccurate Guide to Life — LiveJournal
ramblings from a mad fedora'd writer
Read over S.C.E. #62: The Future Begins by steve_mollmann and michaelschuster (guys, check your e-mail). Another important thing to be done bites the dust.

Next up editorially speaking is nightwolfwriter's #63: Echoes of Coventry. And I've got a manuscript to line edit in there. Plus I've got some web work I'm going to tackle this weekend, and I've got a tie-in proposal to revise.

BenBella's also invited me to contribute to a bunch of their Smart Pop essay anthologies, including ones on Superman, Wonder Woman, and the X-Men. I came up with my Superman idea today, finally, and have just e-mailed it to the editor to make sure it's kosher. Still cogitating on WW and XM....

And I've got at least two other proposals I need to write up at some point soon before I dive into Blackout.

Oh, and the joyous life of a freelancer: Yesterday, I was broke, yet was owed over $17,000. Today, I got one check, for $1100. One check has fallen into some kind of limbo land, even though I should've gotten it two months ago. The others are payments that have been delayed for various and sundry reasons out of my control.

Just a reminder of what being a full-time freelancer really means. There are many things about it that are wonderful, but times like this it really sucks rocks.

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A bunch of years back, mystery author Laurie R. King's book The Beekeeper's Apprentice came out. This was a book that should not have worked. The premise is pure fanwank: a young woman in early-20th-century England comes across a much older man who keeps bees, who turns out to be the legendary Sherlock Holmes. She proves herself to be Holmes's equal in intellect, if not experience, and she eventually becomes his partner in his crime-solving endeavors, and later on his wife.

Her name is Mary Russell, and on the face of it, she's the prototypical "Mary Sue," a phrase coined originally in Star Trek fanfic referring to a character who comes on the Enterprise, is more brilliant than everyone, saves the day, and sleeps with all the men.

Like I said, this shouldn't work.

But it does. Hoo hah, does it. King has now done eight Mary Russell books, and they range from good to transcendent. I have just finished reading the two most recent, The Game and Locked Rooms.

Commentary, with possible spoilers, behind the cut.Collapse )

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One year ago, motivated by an expanding tummy, a hiatal hernia, and constant pain in my knees and feet, I started taking karate classes. I had no idea how I'd take to it, but I knew I had to exercise, and I knew it had to be something I might enjoy and/or find useful, so martial arts seemed the best bet.

One year later, I've received three promotions and have become, in terri_osborne's words, a total karate geek. I've lost a ton of weight, the hiatal hernia is barely noticeable anymore, the pain in my knees and feet is lessened, and as an added bonus, bunches of clothes that were getting too tight to wear fit me again. And I feel much much better in my own skin than I did in the five months after I turned 35 and it felt like the warranty ran out.

So tonight I go to what is, in essence, my one-year anniversary class, since it was on this Thursday a year ago that I (along with three others, all of whom are still with the dojo) took my first class, which was both agonizing and exhilarating.

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