July 7th, 2006


Shakespeare's Insult 6 July 2006

"You, rogue, will ensconce your rags, your cat-a-mountain looks, your red-lattice phrases, and your bold-beating oaths, under the shelter of your honor!"

---The Merry Wives of Windsor; 2.2.24-27

Falstaff to Pistol, who refuses to deliver a love letter for him.
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off to Shore Leave 28

Mostly packed -- still have to gather up the percussion and some other stuff, but we're basically ready to go. Still have to pick up my Boogie Knights outfit at the dry cleaners, my perscription refills (did I mention that, in addition to thyroid meds, I'm now taking cholesterol medication?), and cat food so Marcus and Aoki don't starve. Then it's off to pick up Dave Mack in Queens, Marco Palmieri in Manhattan, and then the long, familiar journey down the Jersey Turnpike.....

I'm sure I will see many of you there! I'll try to post from the con.....
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down and safe...

We've arrived at Shore Leave 28. Our motto for the weekend, as decided by the four of us in the car, is: "FUCK THE KLINGONS!"

More later....
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