July 14th, 2006

sucks, penguin5


Well, the fever broke around 2am or so, which is good, as I was burning up like a sun going nova. I'm still feverish, but nothing compared to what it was like before. The problem is, I keep waking up every ten minutes for no good reason. *sigh* I finally just got up. I'm too tired to do anything and too awake to go back to sleep.

Being sick really really really really really really really really really really sucks.....
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upcoming Star Trek fiction schedule

I posted this on various TrekLit boards, and figured I'd stick it here, too. Herewith is the upcoming schedule for Star Trek fiction, as announced at Shore Leave 28...

PLEASE NOTE THAT THIS SCHEDULE IS SUBJECT TO CHANGE AND ADDENDUM. THIS IS NOT A COMPLETE SCHEDULE OF EVERYTHING THAT'S COMING OUT, SIMPLY WHAT'S BEEN ANNOUNCED. There are some schedule changes from what's been mentioned in the past, plus there are many things missing, particularly as we get later on in the schedule.

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snurched from neadods

Go to your music player of choice and put it on shuffle.
Say the following questions aloud, and press play.
Use the song titles that come up to answer each question.

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Well, that was weird.....
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NYY, melky

talkin' baseball...

The All-Star Break finally ends for the Yankees and Mets today -- for reasons passing understanding, MLB's scheduling faeries gave several teams, including both teams in one of the top markets in the universe, the day off today after the three-day All-Star Break. Very strange.

It's nothing short of miraculous that the Yankees are still in it. They've lost two of their biggest offensive guns for the long term, the starting pitching once you get past Mike Mussina and Chien-Ming Wang is suspect -- and yet, they're staying in it, even when the Red Sox had the hot streak to beat all hot streaks.

Thing is, since the AL Central is still a four-team race (with all respect to Tigers and White Sox fans, I refuse to consider the Indians or the Twins completely out of it, and the four teams still have to play each other a lot), and it's pretty damned likely that the wild card team will come from there for the first time in a long time, which means that it's winner take all for the New York-Boston rivalry for the first time in years.

The Yanks signed Sidney Ponson, which is a move I like. Ponson isn't really Ponson anymore -- if indeed he ever was -- but he doesn't need to be Ponson, he just needs to be better than Shawn Chacon and Aaron Small, who unsurprisingly reverted to form this year.

I got into an argument with my father on this subject. He seemed to think Small and Chacon should be given a chance because of what they did last year. The thing is, both pitchers had built up years of sucking before they fell into shit last year. For some inexplicable reason, with sports players, people have a tendency to focus on the one good year rather than the fourteen bad ones, and then get confused when the one good year turns out to be the aberration.

In any case, Ponson will pitch on Tuesday, and the Yanks will hope that Jaret Wright and Randy Johnson have found themselves (I'm not holding my breath). Even if the Yanks do pull off the division win -- which I think is a definite possibility -- I'm not sure this team is constructed for short-series success. (OTOH, if they just have Moose and Wang at their peak, they may be okay, as the Diamondbacks proved five years ago.....)
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sucks, penguin5


I thought I was getting better, but the chills are back and the aches are back and I feel like hammered shit again. I probably shouldn't have gone downtown today, but I promised to deliver something that had to be brought in today, and I needed to go to the PO box -- which was a good thing, as there was a check in it.

I'm actually able to start digging out from under bills. Eu-fucking-reka.

Sushi and miso soup just arrived. Things are looking up....
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Stargate science

One of the things I like about the Stargate series is that they often ground their stories in real science -- far more so than most SF TV shows, including the Trek spinoff and especially their fellow Friday night show Battlestar Galactica (which makes Voyager look like Brainiac). Sci-Fi right now is showing a British special that was created a year ago called Stargate SG1 True Science. They're rerunning it at 1am EST, and I strongly recommend it.

The one thing they didn't mention was my favorite SG1 episode, "Failsafe," which was an action movie plot with 100% real science (even the made-up stuff from the 'gate universe is done in real-science context). It gives the lie to the dumbshit notion that "real" science is boring and makes for bad sciece. All that proves is that the people saying it are lazy-ass writers who should be beaten with really bit, really thick 2x4s.
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Claudia Black roolz!

"Flesh and Blood," the tenth-season premiere of Stargate SG1 is much better than "Camelot," the ninth-season finale, because they're not going for spectacle, they're trusting the characters. Also Claudia Black is now in the opening credits, which means she and Michael Shanks get to snark together in every episode. Still not the best episode ever, but I still want to see the next episode.

The Stargate frranchise really has become the wayward home for out-of-work genre actors. We've got Ben Browder and Claudia Black (Farscape), Mitch Pileggi (The X-Files), Lexa Doig (Andromeda), Robert Picardo (Voyager), and Connor Trinneer (Enterprise), all with recurring or starring roles, and guest appearances by an even bigger range of folk that are familiar from other genre shows. Kind of entertaining, but also inevitable given two shows with an aggregate eleven seasons, with two more in production....

Now Atlantis has started, and they began with spectacle. Nice contrast, actually, and they're really selling that Sheppard-as-Han-Solo vibe, ain't they? *chortle*
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