February 27th, 2007

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Monday TV

Heroes was fucking amazing. This show keeps getting better and better. I felt sorry for Matt, who just wanted to do the right thing.

So I was seriously let down by its new, and I hope temporary, followup, The Black Donnellys, which was a steaming pile of clichés, ethnic stereotypes, and dull plotting. I could forgive any two of those, but all three make me hope that this show tanks so badly in the ratings that they can't put Studio 60 back fast enough.....
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congrats to the nominees!

The Nebula Awards ballot has been released, and while I congratulate all the nominees, I'd like to single out the following, because they're friends of mine, and I am especially chuffed by their being nominated:

    Ellen Kushner, Best Novel for The Privilege of the Sword
    Jo Walton, Best Novel for The Farthing
    Michael A. Burstein (mabfan, and whose birthday is today), Best Novella for Sanctuary
    Delia Sherman, Best Novelette for "Walpurgis Afternoon"
    Esther M. Friesner, Best Short Story for "Helen Remembers the Stork Club"

Also big kudos to someone with whom I once shared an anthology, and who is my favoritest Doctor Who writer ever, Stevn Moffat, who was nominated for Best Script for the magnificent Who episode "The Girl in the Fireplace."

Congrats again to all and sundry!
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anguished english

Anguished English 26 February 2007


Q: And, Doctor, as a result of your examination of the plaintiff in this case, was the young lady pregnant?

A: The young lady was pregnant, but not as a result of my examination.
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the wire

more thoughts on Heroes

Toward the end of its first season, Homicide: Life on the Street did an episode called "Three Men and Adena." Throughout the first season, one of the focal points had been the brutal murder of a young woman named Adena Watson (based on the actual murder of Latonya Wallace in Baltimore in 1989, the progress of which was chronicled in the true-crime book the series was based on, David Simon's brilliant Homicide: A Year on the Killing Streets). The climax of that particular storyline was the aforementioned episode, 99% of which was the two detectives on the case, Bayliss and Pembleton (Kyle Secor and Andre Braugher) interrogating Risley Tucker, an Arabar (Moses Gunn), in "the box," the claustrophobic interrogation room that was the heart of the show. It was, quite simply, one of the finest hours of television ever produced, as it was simply three men in a room talking at various levels of intensity. (It was also the episode that solidified the Bayliss-Pembleton partnership, which would become the series' spine.)

In many ways, "Company Man" was Heroes's "Three Men and Adena." Only three of the opening-credits regulars appeared in the episode (four if you count the little-kid version of Hiro), and the bulk of the episode took place in one location. It wasn't quite as claustrophobic as "Three Men and Adena," but it had that same focused intensity. Kudos especially to Hayden Panettiere, Jack Coleman, and Greg Grunberg. Panettiere is showing remarkable skill for someone so young (she's that rarest of beasts, a teenaged character being played by a teenaged actor), and Coleman and Grunberg's abilities are long established (though I'm glad to see Grunberg getting the exposure this show is giving him).

Very very good stuff. Plus, of course, the geekgasm of having the Doctor, the Master, and Mr. Sulu all in the same scene.......
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still no power cord

But it is in transit to be delivered today. So it'll show up whenever the DHL truck gets around to my place.


Want my computer back.

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Craig Ferguson is a cool guy

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oooh, irony!

Exactly one year ago today, I was informed that my new laptop would be arriving the following day.

The irony being that one year later, I'd be sitting around waiting for the replacement power cord to show up.

Yes, I'm still waiting.

Want my computer back.

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IT'S HERE!!!!!!

The power cord and AC adapter have arrived, and I'm back on my own computer with its rapidly recharging batteries.

The world is made of Yay!
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Veronica Mars speculation

I haven't watched tonight's episode -- the DVR caught it -- but I'm hereby guessing that the killer is Landry's grad student.
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