March 1st, 2007


what I'll be doing in March

Two things, actually:

1) Finally cleaning this apartment, which is waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay overdue. This includes excavating my office and getting my desktop up and running again.

2) Writing Super City Police Department.

This is a notion that's floated around my brain for a while, and was a comics proposal I was going to do, first with Darick Robertson, then with Mike Collins (who even did character sketches, one of which is the avatar for this post).

It pretty much does for super heroes what Dragon Precinct did for fantasy: a police procedural in a typical comic-book super hero city. Super City -- like Metropolis, like Astro City -- is a made-up American city that is well populated with super heroes, but the story isn't about them, but the people who have to maintain law and order, not because they have powers, but because it's their job.

I tried it as a novel pitch in 2002, but the world wasn't ready for this kind of meta thing with heroes. Now, though, with the success of the Spider-Man and X-Men movies, the revival of the Batman and Superman movie franchises, and the huge success of The 4400 and Heroes, I think the world is ready for it as a novel.

The proposal is done -- modified from the original four-issue comic book proposal to fit the pacing needs of a novel -- and my agent likes it, so now I'm going to write the whole novel on spec. I'm hoping to do it all in March, as my personal NaNoWriMo. Regardless, I'm stopping on the first of April, as then I really need to start on A Burning House.

I don't usually go public with projects until they're contracted, but I thought about it, and there's no real good reason to keep this one secret.

So the plan, once "Four Lights" is done (and excluding when we go to Lunacon and I-Con), is to spend the days cleaning and the nights writing.
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Quality of Leadership update

The BBC has approved all the story pitches, so now it's up to the writers to, y'know, write 'em.

This anthology will have a dozen stories about leaders and leadership. I can't announce the table of contents just yet, but I can say that it's a good mix of old and new (including at least one first sale), and there's at least two Times best-sellers on the list. *wicked grin* As per Big Finish's license agreement, only the first eight Doctors are featured: William Hartnell (1963-1966), Patrick Troughton (1966-1969), Jon Pertwee (1970-1974), Tom Baker (1974-1981), Peter Davison (1981-1984), Colin Baker (1984-1986), Sylvester McCoy (1987-1989, 1996), and Paul McGann (1996).

It'll be out one year from now. More information as it becomes release-able to the general public.
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my editor likes me!

It's been a day for good news. My editor on Nevermore has sent me an e-mail full of effusive praise. He's going to send me his notes either tomorrow or Monday.

Of course, I still can't announce what it is yet, as the contracts still aren't finalized (I'm doing this through a packager, and the packager/publisher contract is the one that's not all signed yet).
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With thanks to tru2myart for drawing my attention to it, this post includes an icon of me that I made with the aid of WeeWorld.
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