March 3rd, 2007

anguished english

Anguished English 2 March 2007


An item in the March 6 Police News incorrectly identified the suspect in a dispute incident as the wife of the 43-year-old victim's ex-husband. The suspect is actually the ex-wife of the victim's husband.
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c'est fini!

Wrote 5276 words today, bringing "Four Lights" to a conclusion at exactly 8000 words, which is kinda scary.

I have no objectivity on this story, so for all I know it sucks. It's with girasole now, and we'll see, but I have no idea if this story did what I wanted it to or not. The only thing I am confident of is that I got Picard and Madred's voices down. But honestly, that was the easy part....
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