January 3rd, 2008

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again, no progress...

But I have a better excuse this time. The web work that I've been doing had something that absolutely positively had to be done yesterday, and I didn't even get the material I needed to start it until 2pm. I also got the copy edit for Enterprises of Great Pitch and Moment and the page proofs for Four Walls. (Also got three checks in the mail, one of which was an unexpectedly high royalty check, which is always a good thing....)
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So Barack Obama and Mike Huckabee have won Iowa for the Democrats and Republicans, respectively.

Before anyone gets too excited, let's remember that in 1992, Tom Harkin won Iowa with 76% of the vote, while eventual general election winner Bill Clinton got 3%; and in 1988, Bob Dole won Iowa with 37% of the vote, while eventual general election winner George H.W. Bush got 19%. Winning Iowa isn't necessarily predictive of winning the nomination.

Having said that, it's a major victory for both, and a major blow to the Rudy Giuliani campaign, as the poster child for 9/11 Tourette's Syndrome got only 4% of the vote. He actually got beat by Fred Dalton Thompson (13%). Apparently Iowa Republicans like fictional New Yorkers better than real ones....

And the Democratic race is very close. Obama got 38% of the vote, with John Edwards and Hillary Rodham Clinton both around 30% (the final votes are being tallied, but Edwards and Clinton are real close). This is still very much a race.

Also of note is that the turnout was much higher than it was in 2004 -- and was twice as high for Democrats as it was for Republicans -- and I think we can thank the current administration's terminal incompetence for that one. It also means that Iowa is in play in the general election....

When it comes around to New York on "Super Duper Tuesday" (or "Tsunami Tuesday") on 5 February, I honestly have no clue who I'm going to vote for. My personal favorite of the candidates, Joe Biden, has already dropped out, having received 0% of the Iowa vote (ouchie). There are things I like about Obama, Clinton, and Edwards (the likely frontrunners), and there are things I don't like about each of them. I'd flip a coin, but that would require a three-sided coin.....
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go Spirit!

Today is the anniversary of the Mars Rover Spirit landing on the red planet. Designed to run for three months, it and its sister Rover Opportunity have continued to gather data about Mars for four years now, exceeding everyone's expectations by, y'know, a lot. We've learned a huge amount about the planet next door thanks to these two, and I couldn't be more thrilled.
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