January 7th, 2008

the wire

it's baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack!

My favoritest show in the history of the universe, The Wire, began its fifth season tonight, and it's as magnificent as ever. In fact, it's better because Clark Johnson is now a regular. Things are always better with Meldrick. *grin*

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the wire

one other thing about The Wire

The teaser/cold open was the perfect callback with which to start the final season. That entire pre-credits bit was straight out of showrunner/creator David Simon's book Homicide: A Year on the Killing Streets, the true-crime book that started it all. Simon followed the Baltimore Homicide Unit around for a year and wrote about it in his book -- that book was later the basis for Homicide: Life on the Street, and it's a pretty straight line from that book through to the TV show (and through Simon's book The Corner and subsequent HBO miniseries adaptation) to The Wire.

Everything in that teaser, from Bunk's opening line to the use of the copy machine as a fake lie-detector, was right out of the book (and out of the Bawlmer murder police's playbook), and it was especially amusing for Bunk and Norris to point out that they've been pulling this shit for 20 years now, since it was about 20 years ago that Simon spent his year with the BPD.

(Oh, and Norris is played by the same-named Edward Norris who once served as BPD police commissioner and is now a talk show host on Baltimore radio.)
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Arisia schedule

Here's my schedule for Arisia 2008, which will be in Boston over MLK Day weekend (18-21 January):

2pm: "Publishing 101," w/Jeanne Cavelos, Laura Anne Gilman, Elaine Isaak, and Jennifer Pelland. The ins and outs of getting published.
6pm: "Surprise Mini-Story Writing Challenge," w/Michael McAfee, Melissa Scott, Suzanne Palmer, Clayton McNally, Shira Lipkin, and Mary Turzillo. The panelists are given a story element, and each must write a story in fifteen minutes with that element.

1pm: "Iron Hack!" w/David Sklar, Geoffrey A. Landis, Lawrence M. Schoen, and Jeff Mach. Each panelist writes a bit of the story, then hands it off to the next person.
3pm: Reading. This was a last-minute change, and won't be in the pocket programming, so tell all your friends. *cough* I have no idea what I'll read from....

Hope to see some of y'all there!
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