January 9th, 2008


40 years of flute-playing....

Jethro Tull turns 40 this year, as their debut album This Was was released in February 1968. Here's what band leader Ian Anderson had to say on JethroTull.com on the subject:

The 40th Anniversary of Jethro Tull is upon us in February 2008. Having initially thought that it was all best avoided in any reference to our upcoming concert tours, I slowly changed my mind after chatting to the others in the band and to some of the fans. Now I have agreed that we will celebrate the tours with a full laser light show, a dancing troupe of honed and bronzed young men fresh from the Madonna boudoir, 60 foot inflatable flute-phallus on stage, Chinese acrobats and fireworks nightly – and – live prostate examinations for lucky competition-winners during the concert intermission.

OK – I exaggerate: there will be a little 40-year awareness spread lovingly but discretely for at least the UK tours with the occasional invited guest and some production and lighting references to the “Old Days”. The set-list will be chosen mainly from the first three albums with a few bits and pieces from a little later. Songs and tunes which defined the early Jethro Tull from blues band to eclectic, pre-prog inventiveness.

They haven't announced U.S. dates yet, but I plan to damn well be there when they come anywhere near NYC, dadgummit.
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bone key


Only 2000 words of forward movement over the past two days, but there were extenuating circumstances: 1) feedback from one of the beta readers, which involved some reworking as well as 2) yet still more rearranging of chapters, since said beta reader was the second person to point out that not having Sam and Dean show up until Chapter 3 was stupid, and 3) some web-work that needed to get done today. So I'm only up to 22K. Sigh.
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politics, Kerry Edwards

New Hampshire

In a completely different result from Iowa, Hillary Rodham Clinton won the NH primary, followed by Barack Obama, and then John Edwards. On the Republican side, John McCain won, with Mitt Romney right behind, and Rudy Giuliani garnering only 9%.

Edwards has said he'll stay in the race because, as he so eloquently put it, 99% of the country hasn't voted yet.....
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klingon empire

A Burning House

I have held in my own little hands a hot-off-the-presses copy of Star Trek: Klingon Empire: A Burning House. My editor wouldn't let me take it home, as it's the only office copy, but I was at least able to look at it and hold it and squeeze it and call it George. Or, rather, call it "Korg."

Anyhow, it should start showing up in stores in a week or two....
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