January 11th, 2008

alien spotlight

I'm doing Star Trek comics again

My first Star Trek work was a comic book miniseries called Perchance to Dream, published by WildStorm in 1999/2000.

Now, I'm returning to Trek comics, as announced by Andrew Steven Harris, the editor of the new Trek comics being published by IDW. There will be a second Alien Spotlight miniseries later this year, and I'm writing one issue. Here's what Andrew said in the interview:

And, while I'm answering questions about fan requests, I might as well also say that it looks like we'll be doing something with Keith DeCandido, for a second Alien Spotlight series, which I suppose I'm announcing here as well. Keith has a great pitch in to us--I won't say for which aliens, but you can probably guess if you know his work--and I'd really love to do even more work with him as well.

Click here for the full interview, where he also talks about various other Trek comics projects.
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