January 20th, 2008

bone key


I know I haven't posted my progress on Bone Key, mostly due to said progress being irritatingly slow. *sigh*

However, I've been pootling along and, as of the writing I got in last night after coming back from gnomi's birthday party here at Arisia, I've started Chapter 13 and am at 37,700 words.

Still got a ways to go, which I pretty much have to do in the next couple of days. Wheeeeeeee!
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keith & terri

home again, home again....

We have safely arrived home from Arisia. The con is going on for another day, but terri_osborne has to work tomorrow, so home we did come, after my reading, which went very well, especially considering it wasn't on the program. (I took the reading slot previously occupied by klingonguy, who couldn't make it. I was joking that people would come expecting a tall hairy Jew and instead get a short hairy Italian.....)

There were aspects of this con that were excellent -- most particularly their choice of suricattus as Author GoH, and also the very good signage -- but other parts that weren't so much, in particular the hotel. The Hyatt in Cambridge is a nice hotel in and of itself, and the rooms were quite nice, but the hotel really isn't designed to handle a SF con of Arisia's size. The hallways are way too skinny, the function space is inadequate, and the elevators break down way too easily. The latter was brought home to Terri and I in sharp relief when our elevator got stuck on the fifth floor for twenty minutes. Said elevator was packed, and we were in our coats and carrying our bags in order to bring them to the car. That was gangs of fun.....

Still, we had a great time. We saw *deep breath* suricattus, quarkwiz and hubby, saraphina_marie, ktpinto and bodyguard, mabfan and gnomi, sdk, shadesong and yendi and kid (one of my goals was to actually meet yendi so that was particularly good), hughcasey, Dennis, Hildy and hubby and kid, Jen, mercystreet, farwing, and a whole bunch of other people who I can't remember because I'm tired and I drove for 3.5 hours. I hereby request forgiveness from all the people I forgot to mention because I'm a big honkin' doofus. *grin*
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