January 27th, 2008

politics, Kerry Edwards

why living in the 21st century is cool

I'm stealing this from jaylake, but it's worth repeating:

Strip away the specifics, the politics, the personalities, the baggage, what-have-you. Consider this:

In a three-way race among credible primary candidates, a black man and a white woman both significantly outpolled a white man.

This would have been impossible at pretty much any point in the 20th century.

We're not there yet. But man, the progress....
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bone key


After a marathon writing session, I have come to the end.

It has gone out to beta readers, and I'm going to spend tonight watching TV, drinking Scotch, and not thinking about the book.

Tomorrow I print it and read it over, and also put the beta readers' corrections to good use, and turn it in on Tuesday, only two weeks late. *heavy sigh*
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