January 29th, 2008

bone key

off it goes!

Bone Key has been sent to the editor. Our long national nightmare is at an end. Or something.

Tomorrow I intend to do pretty much nothing all day................
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e-mail down

My e-mail seems to have gone down. So if you've sent me something since 1.30pm EST, I haven't seen it. It seems to be an Earthlink problem, as the support center part of the web site is also down. *sigh*

I've actually got one small bit of web work I have to do, so I'm gonna do that now and try the e-mail again later.....

Edited to add: It's back up. *whew*
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NYY, melky

Santana to the Mets

The Minnesota Twins have traded Johan Santana to the Mets for a bunch of B-level prospects, pending Santana taking a physical and the Mets negotiating a contract extension for him.

I like this deal on any number of levels. First of all, it means the Yankees don't give up several really good players -- including Phil Hughes, whom I want to stay a Yankee forever -- for one pitcher. Second of all, it means the Red Sox don't get him, either. (I suspect that both the Yanks and BoSox were in it mainly to drive up the price for the other team, but neither team really had their hearts in it.)

But mostly I like it because it puts the Mets over the top. Their end-of-September meltdown notwithstanding, they did win 88 games last year, and did so without any kind of frontline starter. Tom Glavine and Pedro Martinez are past their primes, and Glavine's now gone. Just having a healthy Santana all year will take pressure off the Mets' bullpen, the implosion of which was a major culprit in the aforesaid meltdown.

Bravo to all concerned -- except the Twins, who really should've gotten a better package for the best pitcher in baseball....
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politics, Kerry Edwards

the death knell of Giuliani for President

After really pushing himself hard in Florida, Rudy Giuliani got all of 15% of the votes in the primary, which pretty much killed his campaign for president. He's dropping out, and endorsing John McCain, because he really really wants to be President McCain's attorney general.

I'm only disappointed insofar as Giuliani's pathetic campaign was amusing to me as someone who never liked the fucker (and never voted for him for mayor or for anything else).
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