February 4th, 2008

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lies in print

In this article in the Times of London on the subject of the long-awaited sequel to Dan Brown's The Da Vinci Code, Alison Barrow of Transworld, the United Kingdom publisher of Brown's books, said something that was as bald-faced a lie as any you'll ever hear:

As far as we are concerned hes at work on a sequel and it will be published and we will be publishing it, Barrow said. There is never any clause from publisher to a novelist that they have to deliver at a certain time. We would not impose such a thing on a contract.

Yes, she really said that.

For the record, publishers "impose such a thing" all the fucking time. I've been in the book publishing business on both sides of the editorial desk for 15 years now, I've seen, written, signed, and/or processed literally over a thousand publishing contracts, and all of them had a due date for delivery of the manuscript.

*mind boggles*

Thanks to jaylake via suricattus for the link....
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