February 10th, 2008


ten years and counting

Ten years ago this month, Tor Books published Gargantua by "K. Robert Andreassi," who was really me. *grin* The novelization of a FOX TV movie starring Adam Baldwin, it was my first novel to be published (though not the first one that had been commissioned -- I'd already completed my portion of Spider-Man: Venom's Wrath, a collaboration with José R. Nieto, but that wouldn't come out until the fall of 1998).

This month, Pocket Books published Star Trek: Klingon Empire: A Burning House by Keith R.A. DeCandido, which is my 34th novel. Not bad for a decade's work. (And what a long, strange trip it has been.............)
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Wrote a hair under 3200 words today, bringing me to exactly 10,000 words. Really!

To reward myself, I'm now going to watch Thursday's Lost.....
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allaboutm_e tells it like it is

An open letter to Senator John McCain, written by one of his constituents in Arizona. Of particular note is his voting record on the Iraq War, which has consistently been 100% in line with that of President Bush, and is the main reason why under no circumstances should this man be elected president.

Honestly? Right now there is no issue more important than getting the fuck out of this quagmire in Iraq, which has served to get thousands and thousands of people killed, has diluted and damaged the effectiveness of our military, has damaged our place in world politics, and generally has done no good to anyone who matters. If Senator McCain is elected, I have no faith in his desire to get out of the war, and that really is the most important thing right now.
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why interviews with athletes are generally a waste of time

Two quotes, both taken from the magnificent Fire Joe Morgan blog:

First, from Tony Richardson, fullback for the Minnesota Vikings:

I don't want to move at this point in my career. I had a good meeting with the owners. I've got some gas left in the wheel and want to keep playing.

One wonders what's in his tank, if he puts gas in the wheel....

And from St. Louis Cardinals pitcher Chris Carpenter on when he might return from surgery:

The question is whether it's going to be before the All-Star break, after the All-Star break or somewhere in between.

Those are indeed the options, yes.....

Edited to add: It should be noted that what's hilarious about these quotes isn't just that Richardson and Carpenter said dumb things, but that the "journalists" interviewing them -- John Clayton of ESPN.com for Richardson and St. Louis Post-Dispatch reporter Joe Strauss for Carpenter -- who just dumped the quotes into their articles either on purpose to make their subject look stupid or (more likely) because they didn't realize just what they said. Either way, it's yet another notch on the bedpost of incompetence that is 90% of sports "journalism."
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me am happy editor

Looking at the guest list for Shore Leave 30 this year, and I see that ten of the thirteen people involved with Doctor Who: Short Trips: The Quality of Leadership will be at the convention -- to wit, the editor (me) and nine of the twelve authors:

I'm also trying to work out a deal with Mike's Comics (mikescomics) to have the anthology on sale at the con, so folks can get the book and get it autographed by all of the participants save for Diane Duane (dduane), Una McCormack (altariel), and Steve Savile.
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thoughts on novels

So in this thread, deyaniera asked:

So which ones [of your novels] are you most proud of? And which are the closest to your heart?

I pointed out that this was like asking me to choose among my children, but I thought of a way to answer the question -- by saying what I enjoyed or was most proud of or was happiest about regarding each of those 34 novels.

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