February 11th, 2008


my Sunday feeling

The dojo offers two fighting classes per week -- one Tuesday night, one Sunday afternoon. I'd never gone to the Sunday one before today, but since this past week's Tuesday fighting class was cancelled, I figured I'd give it a shot.

It was a very good class, and not just because there were only five of us. (When there's an odd number of people, one color belt sits out each round, and with only five of us, two of whom were black belts, it meant I sat out every third round, which did wonders for my stamina....) I learned a lot, and got a great workout. I felt really good afterward, too.

Of course, then I came home and took a long nap. *laughs*

After that, I went to the Starbucks, wrote 2177 words of the ghostwriting project, bringing me to 12,177, which is a much crummier pace than I should be on, but I'll improve it tomorrow. Unless I don't. Whatever.

Bed soon....
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Kevin Smith casting chart

A graphic guide to the "regulars" in Kevin Smith's movies (basically, any actor who's been in more than one of his eight movies), and which of his movies they've appeared in.

Not counting his forthcoming Zack and Miri Make a Porno, the record for most appearance is a five-way tie for six among Ben Affleck, Jason lee, Jason Mewes, Scott Mosier, Brian O'Halloran, and Smith himself. (Only Mewes and Jeff Anderson are listed as being in Z&MMaP, but I find it impossible to believe that they'll be the only ones.)

Of the 23 actors listed, 22 of them were in Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back, with the lone holdout being Ethan Suplee. Also, Renée Humphrey is not on the list despite having been in two films (Mallrats and J&SBSB).

Anyhow, thanks to yendi for this...
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Steve Gerber, RIP

Steve Gerber, the comics writer best known for creating Howard the Duck (which was a brilliantly subversive comic book long before it was a crappy George Lucas movie), died yesterday of complications from pulmonary fibrosis, which he's had for about a year or so.

I got to know Steve through a mailing list we were both on, and I'd been enjoying his work for years. (I even reviewed his triumphant return to the Howard character in 1996's Spider-Man Team-Up #5.) Star Trek fans may recognize Gerber as the cowriter of the Next Generation episode "Contagion." Steve was always proud of the fact that he and cowriter Beth Woods were the ones who established both Picard's archaeology hobby and his fondness for "tea, Earl Grey, hot."

He was a great force in comics, and he will be sorely missed.

*raises glass*

Edited to add: I almost forgot -- he was also the writer responsible for the single greatest comic book title in the history of the universe: Giant-Size Man-Thing #1.....
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how now brown belt

Kyoshi has invited me to go for promotion from advanced green belt to brown belt. Normally, I'd do this on Sunday with everyone else, but I'll be at Farpoint. (In fact, the promotion will be going on at the same time as the Boogie Knights' Sunday concert, so while my fellow karateka are sweating, punching, kicking, and doing pushups in their gis, I'll be in faux medieval garb banging on bongos. Life is weird.) So I'll be doing the makeup promotion in a couple of weeks.

This will be my eighth promotion, but in a lot of ways it means the most. Collapse )
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John Scalzi tells it like it is

A truly magnificent post by John Scalzi giving advice to writers.

(This is why I usually go for "business of writing" subjects when I do workshops and the like. Lots of people can help you with how to write, but very few writers are prepared for all the other stuff that comes with it....)

Anyhow -- go, read, learn. The advice isn't 100% applicable to everyone (I, for example, have very very solid important reasons for living in NYC), but it's good advice nonetheless.
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no progress

But I have a good excuse. As I'm about to head off to the Starbucks to work on the ghostwriting project, my editor on Four Walls e-mails me asking for any corrections on the second-pass pages for the book, which are due today.

These would be the same correx I was planning to get her on Wednesday (when I'd have a subway ride in which to finish the proofread). Oops.

So today was spent doing that, and of course it took longer than expected. Sigh.

And then karate, and now I'm completely zonked. Will likely hit the hay early and get a fresh start in the a.m.
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