February 16th, 2008


down and safe

We have arrived safely at Farpoint -- we actually arrived late last night, and spent some time hanging out in the bar with nightwolfwriter, tiggerallyn, caryabend, Renfield, and others who flew by.

We have The Face Of Bob, which we will be passing on to glenn_hauman, as he is filling in for bob_greenberger, who remains home to be with his ill son Robbie.

More anon....
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back home....

Farpoint 2008 was great fun, if abbreviated. My one-hour thingie went very well, with a big crowd who listened to me read Chapter 2 of Supernatural: Bone Key and then listened to me babble for half an hour.

The Boogie Knights concert went quite well. We debuted several songs: "Pooka," "Take the Ring to Mount Doom," and "Madagascar." The latter was done a cappella by the women in the group, so the men in the group each put on lemur puppets and distracted the women. It was very entertaining. When the song ended, my lemur started singing, "I like to move it, move it / I like to move it, move it..." (John S. let me keep one lemur, as long as I promised to always bring it to gigs. I named him Sacha Baron Lemur. *grin*)

Also jslinder and his wife gave us our holiday present: the 2007 Harrod's bear. We now have three of Harrod's annual holiday bears: 1997 (Colin Bear), 2005 (Noel Bear), and now 2007 (whom we've named Rhys, because he has the exact same smile as Kai Owen).

Tomorrow, I'm off to promotion. Wish me luck.......
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