February 21st, 2008


if there was an Internet in 1940

I did a version of this once before, but I expanded it tonight in response to someone on a mailing list who posted a list of Hollywood remakes on the development list and lamenting that Hollywood has run out of ideas. (Of course, this poster didn't take into account that Hollywood spent the last 3.5 months without writers, which may have increased the urge to do remakes.....)

Anyhow, I posted this:

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bone key

sooper seekrit message for RaesOfSunshine

A Supernatural fan named Rachael, a.k.a. Raes Of Sunshine, did some yeoman work in transcribing and translating the various exorcism rituals used on Supernatural, and the fruits of her labors can be found on the Supernatural wiki. Said efforts were a huge help for a scene in Bone Key in which the exorcism ritual is spoken aloud, and I put her in the acknowledgments.

I also posted a note in her blog, where she first posted the Latin stuff. Her response was both enthusiastic and tempered with the fear that I was some weirdo bullshitting her on her blog. Said tempering is perfectly understandable -- this is the Internet, after all.

However, this is to reassure Rachael that yes, that was really me, and yes, I'm really the guy who wrote Nevermore and the forthcoming Bone Key. Feel free to scroll back on this LJ. Any post with an icon of either the cover for Nevermore or this picture of Sam and Dean is talking about the show and/or my fiction based on it. *grin*
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