February 22nd, 2008


SFWA screws the pooch

Edited to add: SFWA has investigated the matter and decided to keep "WEaT" on the ballot. I responded to that. Please read this linked post after reading the post below and before you reply in either thread. *grin* Thanks...

Original post:

The final Nebula ballot has been released.

For Best Script, one of the nominees is "World Enough and Time," one of the Star Trek: New Voyages fan films.

Yes, a fan film is on the Nebula ballot. The same Nebula ballot which would never sully its hallowed halls by allowing a media tie-in novel or short story, has a fan film on it.

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I swear, if anybody trots out the, "Well, yeah, it's a fan film, but it's soooooo well-written and -produced that it may as well be professionally produced" argument (which was used on me when the aforesaid campaigner tried to get me to recommend "WEaT"), I will personally go to their house and show them what I can do with my brown belt. Seriously. I've written fanfiction. I'd like to think it's written at the same level as my professional work -- but you know what? It's still fanfiction. I wouldn't expect it to get Nebula consideration, and the very same people who happily went with putting "WEaT" on the ballot would be disgusted at the very notion of fanfic being on the prose portions of the ballot.

But it's the exact same thing.

I therefore urge the SFWA Awards Rules Committee -- Jeffrey A. Carver, James Patrick Kelly, and Connie Willis-- to remove this non-qualifying item from the ballot.

I gotta say, between this and the distinct possibility of President Andrew Burt, I'm seriously reconsidering my SFWA membership....
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two birthdays!

Today, our wonderful cat Marcus is 16 years old. He's taking to his role as codger quite well, actually. He shuffles around the apartment, lets out cranky meows, and walks to the window, shakes his paw, and says, "Hey you birds, get off my lawn!"

Also: daytonward's wonderful wife Michi just this morning gave birth to an eight-pound-two-point-five-ounce baby girl named Erin Haley Ward.

She shares a birthday with Marcus, so she should be fine. Heartiest congratulations to the happy parents, and deepest condolences to poor Erin. *cheeky grin*
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NYY, melky

more amusement from the Yankees' spring training camp

From Peter Abraham's blog, reporting from Steinbrenner Field in Tampa:

The pitchers also had a lot of running today. An exhausted [Mike] Mussina came back to the clubhouse and said, “Tomorrow we’ll go to the airport to pull planes with our teeth.”

Phil Hughes sat slumped in his chair. He’s working out with Andy Pettitte in the morning and doing the running in the afternoon. By the end of the day, he can barely move.

“You’re only 22, you should be fine,” Mussina said.

“I’m 21,” Hughes said.

“See?” Mussina said. “I’m old, I can complain.”
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penguin3, screwed

more on "World Enough and Time"

I just got an e-mail from Jeffrey Carver, the head of the SFWA Awards Committee. He has looked into the matter, and apparently a) it was shown in a theatre, b) it was done with CBS/Paramount's permission (though I personally would want to see that in writing before believing it), and c) the writers were paid for their work.

I knew a), but b) and c) were genuine surprises, though I'm still skeptical about b).

In any case, from SFWA's perspective, it's eligible.

I am now off to actually watch "WEaT" to see exactly what all the fuss is about.
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