February 26th, 2008

slings arrows

DS9 anniversary issue of Star Trek: The Magazine

the newest issue of Star Trek: The Magazine is out -- it's issue #10 in the States, and has Rene Auberjonois (as Odo), Avery Brooks (as the first three seasons' version of Benjamin Sisko), and Terry Farrell (as Jadzia Dax) on the cover, along with an inset of Karl Urban.

The mag includes: overviews of each season of DS9 by Andy Lane, Robert Greenberger, Robert T. Jeschonek, myself, Jill Sherwin, David A. McIntee, and Terri Osborne; similar overviews of the post-finale fiction (to which I've contributed) and past DS9 comic books by David R. George III and Andrew Steven Harris; interviews with Avery Brooks and Cirroc Lofton by Paul Simpson; interviews with Karl Urban and Anton Yelchin by Ian Spelling; reviews of Slings and Arrows Books 1-3, the Corps of Engineers: Creative Couplings omnibus, Titan: Sword of Damocles, the remastered TOS season 1 DVD, and the comic books Year Four #5 and Alien Spotlight #2-4 by John Freeman.

My article discusses the fact that DS9 always embraced the larger Trek universe, much more than the other spinoffs did, while Terri's looks at the character of Benjamin Sisko in depth. Freeman's reviews are fair, if not always kind, but worth it for the final line of the Creative Couplings review: "If you want to know if gagh is kosher, then you have to buy this book...."

The magazine should be available at chain bookstores and big newsstands and such. Check it out!
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Tuesday's dead

Off to help girasole and the Infomancer with some errands, then girasole is taking me to lunch, then I have stuff to take care of in midtown, then to the parents' for dinner.

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