February 27th, 2008

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steve_mollmann recently responded to this thread on the TrekBBS with a complete list of the Psi Phi Awards for Achievement in Star Trek Literature.

The awards have been given since 2000, and I was pleased and surprised to see my name show up several times:

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BTW, the award administrators are still taking suggestions for Best New Character and Best Scene nominees for 2007. E-mail said administrators with your suggestions.
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a nice review of Nevermore

preacherman01 reviews Supernatural: Nevermore and declares that it is good.

Quoth the Preach:

It was a perfect episode of Supernatural with the exception of the fact that I was reading it instead of watching it, and well there were no comercials.

And just for the record, having known the Preach in real life for several years, I can say that he talks the way he posts. Yes, really. *grin*
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So I get two e-mails this morning, one from my editor on Bone Key, who says he needs the changes to the copy edited manuscript today, not Friday as I originally thought, and another e-mail from the very patient editor of Star Trek: The Magazine who reminds me that the article I owe him really-o-truly-o has to be in his in-box by morning. This is the same article I haven't started yet. Whimper.

And I still haven't finished Ghostwriting Project #1.
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pics of me!

Jerry Silber, all around good egg, was kind enough to forward me a bunch of pictures he's taken of me over the years.

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Lunacon schedule

Got my schedule for Lunacon 51. With the caveat that it's subject to change (particularly the fellow panelists), here 'tis:

7-8pm: "The Year in TV," Grand South, w/Kathleen O. David puppetmaker40 and David Mack infinitydog
9-10pm: "Comics Media Tie-ins," Poplar, w/Hal Johnson and Alex Wittenberg sdelmonte
10-10.30pm: Reading, Port Chester

11am-2pm: David Honigsberg Life Jam, Mianus River, w/lots and lots of people
2-3pm: "Playing in Someone Else's Sandbox," Birch, w/David Mack and Susan Shwartz greeneyedkzin
5-6pm: "Vampires: Sooooo Five Minutes Ago," Brundage B, w/Laura Anne Gilman suricattus, Michael Grapin, and KT Pinto ktpinto
6-7pm: Autographing, Westchester Assembly, w/David Mack and Joshua Palmatier jpsorrow
7-8pm: Steve Rosenhaus concert, Birch, w/Steve Rosenhaus rosenhaus (obviously)

12-1pm: "Spinning off the Doctor," Grand Center, w/Kathleen O. David, Amy Goldschlager, Terri Osborne terri_osborne, and Lisa Sullivan paleologa
1-2pm: "Talk Nerdy to Me," Bolton, w/Robert Greenberger bob_greenberger, Glenn Hauman glenn_hauman, Terri Osborne, and Karen Sullivan mercystreet
2-3pm: "Making the Leap to Film," Brundage B, w/Jeanne Cavelos, jan howard finder, and David Weingart
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quote of the day

"Most of the songs that I ever wrote, I wrote when I was awake."
---Arlo Guthrie, Live at Sydney, intro to "Darkest Hour"
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a good John Byrne comic book

The subject line had long been an oxymoron for me. Aside from Generations -- which, when I recently reread it, was less impressive than I remembered -- and Batman/Captain America -- which was magnificent -- almost nothing produced by John Byrne since roughly his Alpha Flight and Fantastic Four days was worth reading. (I still break out in hives when I think about his runs on Avengers West Coast and Wonder Woman...)

Today, that changed for the first time since Bat/Cap: IDW released the final issue of their first Star Trek: Alien Spotlight miniseries, in which each issue has focused on a different Trek species, each by a different creative team. This last issue focused on the Romulans and was written and drawn by Byrne.

Byrne's Trek fandom has long been evident, as he's put references to the series in his work for years, but this is his first actual comic (but not his last, as he's doing a bunch more work for IDW, starting with an Assignment: Earth comic debuting in May).

And it's a doozy. He provides a prequel to "Balance of Terror," with Mark Lenard's still-unnamed commander receiving the assignment that he carries out in "BoT," and wherein we learn more about the character. (But not his name. I don't know why I'm fixated on this, and I don't blame Byrne for not giving him one when Paul Schneider couldn't be arsed to in the original.) There's even a clever twist at the end.

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