February 28th, 2008

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ah, the joys of rumors.... *snarl*

Edited to add: The post has since been removed, so if you click on the link, you won't see anything....

I stumbled across this post on the LiveJournal of agt_spooky, a devoted Supernatural fan who hated Nevermore and hates me. And that's fine -- I'm not going to please everyone, and as a semi-public figure, I'm open to this sort of thing. Besides, I was a book reviewer for too long (and wrote too many negative reviews) to get all persnickety when someone does the same for me.

However, there was one thing in the comments that sent me through the roof with anger. I want to nip this in the bud right now, because if this story is spreading around Supernatural fandom, it needs to stop.

Quoth adelheide:
His ex-wife, also an author, loves SN and desperately wanted to write a novel, but of course, good ol' Keith made sure to poison those waters and nab the deal for himself.

This is categorically untrue, and resembles reality in only one way: marinarusalka does indeed love Supernatural. But I did nothing of the sort, and Marina actually was a beta reader on both Nevermore and Bone Key. I don't care what folks think of me, but Marina doesn't deserve that type of slander.

We both replied to the post in question pointing out it's untrue-ness, but I wanted to clarify that this was total bullshit here, as well, in case this story has any kind of traction.

(Someone else in the thread talks about how my X-Files novels sucked, too, which is a neat trick, considering I've never written one....)
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"World Enough and Time" stays on the ballot

SFWA has investigated, and decided to let the script for the Star Trek: New Voyages fan film "World Enough and Time" stay on the Nebula Ballot for Best Script.

What I have learned from this is that SFWA blithely put the words "professionally produced" in the guidelines for Best Script without having a clear notion of what that means exactly -- and the discussions that have burst out on the subject on this LJ, on pnh's LJ, on SFF.net, in the SFWA community, and every-damn-where else indicate that no else has a clear notion of it, either.

As far as I'm concerned, the ballot issue's closed. Collapse )

So whatever. It's done.

My intention, however, since I started this mess, is to sit down and watch, in succession, "Blink," Children of Men, The Prestige, V for Vendetta, and "World Enough and Time" and review them on this LJ. Since SFWA has deemed that they be measured against each other, that's just what I'm gonna do -- in March some time, once I'm past Ghostwriting Project #1. (I have Children of Men on the DVR, V for Vendetta and "Blink" on DVD, and I will have "WEaT" on DVD soon thanks to one of the scriptwriters. I just have to track down The Presitge. Edited to add: Now have The Prestige on the DVR, too.)
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William F. Buckley Jr., RIP

William F. Buckley Jr. has died at the age of 82.

I'm not using the "well, this sucks" icon for this reason, as quoted by Patrick Nielsen Hayden on Making Light:

The central question that emerges…is whether the White community in the South is entitled to take such measures as are necessary to prevail, politically and culturally, in areas where it does not predominate numerically? The sobering answer is Yes--the White community is so entitled because, for the time being, it is the advanced race.

Buckley said that in 1957 in the National Review. I don't see any good reason to give him a pass because he was an eloquent speaker and a talented writer.
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Emma Span tells it like it is

Emma Span, author of the most excellent Eephus Pitch blog about New York baseball, has written an equally excellent article for Slate called "Say No to Johan: Why Red Sox and Yankee Fans are Happy They Won't be Rooting for the Best Pitcher in Baseball."

It's an excellent discourse on how the information age has made baseball fans far more aware of the ins and outs of the organizations they root for, and how Boston and New York fans are more excited about rooting for homegrown talent like Jacoby Ellsbury and Clay Buchholz and Phil Hughes and Joba Chamberlain.

From the article:

Baseball watchers have also gotten smarter about the importance of a solid farm system. When Derek Jeter began 1996 as the Yankees' shortstop, I wondered who the hell he was; when Phil Hughes made his big-league debut last summer, I'd been reading about him for years and shelled out $25 more than I usually spend on a ticket to ensure a decent view. This is where the emotion comes in: Given how closely Yankees fans have already been following Hughes and Ian Kennedy and the way Sox fans have been mooning over Clay Buchholz and Jon Lester, it's no wonder they're reluctant to see them go. In November, the popular Yankees site River Ave. Blues started a campaign, complete with T-shirts, to avoid a Santana trade and "Save the Big Three"--referring to highly touted pitching prospects Kennedy, Hughes, and Joba Chamberlain.

Span's a fantastic sportswriter, and her blog is always worth reading. (She's even-handed, covering the Yankees and Mets with equal fervor and intelligence.)
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