February 29th, 2008

alien spotlight


Got some more done on Ghostwriting Project #1, which is just pathetically late at this point, and also wrote 1/3 of my Star Trek: Alien Spotlight comics script. To confuse matters, I wrote the final third.

Trust me, it'll all make sense eventually....
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bone key

an apology, happily accepted

I received a private message from adelheide, apologizing for the comments she made that were referred to in this post.

With her permission:

Mr. DeCandido,

My apologies for my comments made in my friend's LJ. The post was public and I did not exercise discretion, temporarily forgetting the broader scope of public posts. As the post has been removed, I cannot issue this apology in the forum in which it was demanded. I hope this missive expresses the olive branch I extend to you.

You have my apologies.


As I said to her, apology happily accepted.

(BTW, there's some good stuff in adelheide's LJ, including a really good analysis of "Jus in Bello," the most recent Supernatural episode.....)
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penguin4, party

Friday revelry

I'm off to helgabee's retirement party at her soon-to-be-former office (which was also my office once upon a time, back in college), then to Little Italy in the Bronx for a celebratory dinner.

More later....
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