March 6th, 2008

NYY, melky


On top of everything else, there's a book signing for Baseball Prospectus 2008 at the 18th Street Barnes & Noble tonight that I was all set to go to, except for the whole being-sick thing.


On the brighter side, I have an episode of Torchwood to watch and I've got a kitten in my lap....
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good thoughts, please

One of terri_osborne's good friends (and also the photographer of her bio photo) has been diagnosed with a brain tumor. She's having surgery to have it removed next week. The possible results are many, among them permanent blindness (and she's a photographer and graphic designer, so that might be problematic).

Please wish her the kindest and best of thoughts as she goes through this ordeal.
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a very old picture

girasole, a.k.a. The Mom, dug up an old picture that made me smile.

Nonno -- my father's father -- was born in the U.S., but when he retired, he moved to Italy to live in the house that was owned by his family in Sequals. Sequals is a small town about two hours north of Venice, right at the foot of the Dolomites. It's a lovely little place, and after he retired, we went out to visit him a few times.

One of those occasions was April 1984, which was when I turned 15. On that trip, besides several days in Sequals, we also spent three days in Paris, one day in Chartres, and two days in Venice, the latter occurring on my 15th birthday (which is why my 15th is in the top five of Bestest Birthdays Ever).

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Nonno died when I was in college. I still miss him. *sigh*
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breaking my brain again

It really messes with my head that a new birth control pill has the same name as the nickname of a Hall of Fame Red Sox left fielder of the 1960s and 1970s.

(I'm referring to "Yaz," which was Carl Yaztremski's nickname. Weird shit.)
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it's all popfiend's fault

A weekly tradition at popfiend is DRAMA FREE THURSDAY (yes, it's in all caps; live with it), and today DFT had homework:

Post a THANK YOU in your LJ to someone/something and have a GREAT rest of the day.

Despite this particular Thursday having a shitload of drama (see here, plus the whole being-sick thing), I do want to give a big ol' popfiend-style all-caps THANK YOU to the following:

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