March 8th, 2008

alien spotlight


I have just completed the entirety of the script for the Star Trek: Alien Spotlight issue I'm doing, having spent the night writing pages 8-14.

I'll read it over tomorrow. The editor's not gonna be able to look at it until next week anyhow, what with him being in town this weekend and all. *grin*

Still, nice to have it off my plate....
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there's this guy down the street building an ark.....

It's been raining in New York since roughly 1972. Just freakin' pouring. With the occasional howling wind to keep things fun.

I'm, it turns out, not 100% recovered from the stomach flu, as karate class almost killed me today. Yeesh.

So I'm taking it very easy tonight. Tomorrow I'm going to be joining Andrew Steven Harris of IDW for a stealth-attendance of Creation's Trek show in Secaucus. (Yes, I'm going to a Creation show. It's really just to hang out with Andrew. Honest. And a friend of mine runs security, and I haven't seen her in an age -- she's the one getting me in.)
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