March 11th, 2008



Today was the last day of the four-day black belt promotion. We've got one new shodan (first degree black belt) and two new nidans (second-degree).

We all went out to a local Japanese restaurant afterward. There was a lot of saké and beer.

I mean a lot.

I'm a little tipsy. Just enough to make typing an adventure. *laughs*

Always dangerous to go drinking with fellow karateka....
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king julien


Stole this magnificent icon of Madagascar's King Julien of the Lemurs dancing from puppetmaker40.

"I like to move it, move it...."
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politics, Kerry Edwards

what he said

kvaadk tells it like it is:

Liberal white men who do not wholeheartedly support Hillary Clinton in every aspect without any reservations are not closet misogynists who have long hidden their hatred of women behind a pc façade and are now giddy with joy at being able to vent their sexist spleen.

Liberal white men who do not wholeheartedly support Barrack Obama in every aspect without any reservations are not closet white supremacists who have long hidden their hatred of blacks behind a pc façade and are now giddy with joy at being able to vent their racist vitriol.

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nice kudos from steve_roby

Over on his Starfleet Library blog, steve_roby had some very nice things to say about the eBook line on the occasion of its hiatus.

Money quote:

I may be way behind in reading SCE/COE, but imho it's been an important part of the Trek books mix. Not only because it's had its share of great stories (and it has); not only because it introduced and developed some great new characters and allowed some more familiar characters a chance to shine (Sonya Gomez, to name an obvious example); not only because it was a great way to bring new writers into the mix; not only because it allowed some interesting tie-in stories to other book events (Gateways, DS9R, Vanguard); not only because it had the flexibility to tell a wide variety of stories with a wide variety of tones; not only because it lived up to what a Star Trek series should be -- character-driven science fiction stories true to the Trek universe, from a slightly different perspective... but for all those reasons.

Thanks, Steve!
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Quality of Leadership approved!

The BBC has approved my Doctor Who: Short Trips anthology The Quality of Leadership!

It's on track to be published in May. In the UK, it should be available at finer bookstores everywhere. In the U.S., it will be carried by the kind and benevolent folks at Mike's Comics and Who North America, plus you can always order from Amazon UK or Big Finish their own selves....

If you're attending Shore Leave 30, you'll be thrilled to know that ten of the thirteen people involved in the book will be at the convention, and copies of the book will be on sale at the con. I'm trying to arrange so that all ten of us will be close to each other at Meet the Pros so you can get your copy from me (I'll be the one selling them) and then get all ten signatures in one shot.

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a rare bit of soul-baring

This is a public blog, and for that reason, I rarely get excessively personal. This post breaks that rule, because I need to say something publicly. I've disabled comments because this is not a cry for help nor am I looking for hugs or sympathy or anything like that. I just need to say this stuff "out loud."

I like to think of myself as a strong person. And in some ways, I am. I've spent ten years as a full-time freelancer. In a mere three-and-a-half years I've gone from overweight lump who never exercised a day in his life to a brown belt in karate.

But in other ways, I am very very weak. And, ironically, one of the ways I'm weak is an inability to admit that I am. Most people don't know it, but I have my own demons and weaknesses, made worse by my chronic inability to admit that they're there, or thinking that I can just will them away like they're nothing. I've managed to fool myself by being able to either fix things or accomplish things in my life in the past by sheer force of will, but my will has its limits.

I have been making efforts to combat these demons of late, though the effort hasn't been all it should be, in part because of my stubbornness and stupidity, in part because other things have consumed my brain. Ghostwriting Project #1 in particular has been a nightmare, and has also been a handy excuse to put things off. ("I'll call the psychiatrist after I finish GWP1." "I'll clean the apartment after I finish GWP1." "I'll make up the invite list for the wedding after I finish GWP1." And so on. That is, BTW, one of the demons, a toxic procrastination....)

But I also really don't like the person who succumbs to those demons very much, and I want him to go away.

I'm working on it. I have a benefit in terri_osborne who, for reasons passing understanding, loves me, and whom I love with all my heart and soul. Thank you, my love, for everything, and I am trying to be worthy of your love. Maybe some day I'll even manage it.

I also have wonderful family and friends who I know are there for me; even if they're not necessarily doing anything, just by being there, they're helping.

Thanks for listening.
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