March 15th, 2008


Lunacon Day 1

Picked up the rental car, and for the second time in a row, I was blessed with a luxury car at economy prices. It's nice to rent with the same place for seven years....

suricattus and I did some food shopping and then pootled down to pick up infinitydog and wife and we all hied up to Rye Brook for Lunacon. I met up with various and sundry folk, including some fun bar-hanging-out, before going off to pick up terri_osborne at the train station.

Then it was to work: I had panels at 7 (on the year in genre TV) and at 9 (on comic book media tie-ins) and a reading at 10, with stops in between at Meet the Pros and the art show reception, before we all headed back home. I was particularly pleased with the turnout for my reading, at which I read Chapters 2-3 of Supernatural: Bone Key.

Amusement: a somewhat beleaguered shadowravyn (this year's new head of programming after assisting for several years) walking up to me, holding up her cell phone, and saying, "I will pay you to take this until Sunday -- but you have to answer it and do what the people on the other end say." I said, "You had me until the last part," and we both laughed.
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