March 18th, 2008

so I'm curious.....

There are 650 people who have this LJ on their friends list, and I know there are others who read it besides those, which is kind of a lot, and I'd just like to know....

1) What brought you here?

2) Why do you keep reading?

Obviously, these questions do not apply to those of you who know me in real life, are related to me, are marrying me, work with me, etc. (This, of course, will not stop any of them from making smartass remarks, but their propensity for such is a lot of why I keep such folks around. *grin*)

But for the rest of you, I'm curious. No obligation to answer, this is just me randomly wondering.....
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politics, Kerry Edwards

the speech

Senator Barack Obama gave one of the finest, and most honest political speeches I've ever heard. It's a frank discussion of race in this country, one that needed to be said, and raises the man higher in my estimation.

Everyone should watch/listen to/read the transcript of this speech, regardless of whether or not you support Senator Obama, Senator Clinton, Senator McCain, or none of the above. There's truth in those words, which is rare coin from any politician.

(MSNBC's video player is being erratic, so be patient with it....)

Edited to add: It's also available on Senator Obama's web site.
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