March 22nd, 2008


dear fucknuts

If you're going to bring several small, hyperactive children to the local Starbucks, it might behoove you to at least make an attempt to keep a rein on them. At the very least, you should probably a) stop them from crawling all over the chairs proximate to the fixin's table, especially after they've already knocked down the display items and one of the metal dairy containers, thus scaring me out of ten years' life, b) keep them from running around bouncing a soccer ball off the floor (which, if nothing else, doesn't bounce up, but tends to bounce an an acute angle to the floor, thus guaranteed to hit someone's ankle), and c) make at least an attempt to keep them from throwing straws at people trying to pour half-and-half into their iced coffee.

No love,
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SHE RIDES! (almost)

I have finally, six weeks late, reached the end of Ghostwriting Project #1. Tomorrow I read it over and try to find a way to add at least 300 words, since it stands right now at 49,717 words, and I really want to get it over the hump to 50K.

Our long national nightmare is at an end.

Until the next one, anyhow.

But first I get to write my Tales from the Crypt script, two tie-in novel proposals, and a comic book proposal, all of which will be much more fun than this fucking piece of shit. *sigh*

(The two tie-in novels will be in two different franchises, both of which I've written for in the past. The comic book proposal is for the big-ass summer 2009 comics project I mentioned in this post.)
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