March 29th, 2008


Entertainment Weekly picks the 20 worst comic book movies ever

Here's a link to EW's list, but in the interests of my lazy readers, I provide the list for you, along with snide commentary by me where I disagree in some way:

20: Ghost Rider
19: The Shadow (er, okay, but this didn't start out as a comic book and so should not be on this list; the character first appeared on the radio and then in prose short stories in the pulps, not being done as a comic strip until much later)
18: Barb Wire (hey, this was actually fun -- and true to the source material, honestly)
17: Catwoman (I'd rank this way higher...)
16: Brenda Starr (ditto)
15: The Phantom (this actually wasn't that bad a movie, though the tag line of "Slam Evil!" should get some kind of award for worst tag line ever)
14: Daredevil (I despised this movie for reasons I explain in this rant on my web site)
13: Tank Girl (gotta agree with EW's Marc Bernardin here: this wasn't made for live-action, as it were...)
12: Fantastic Four (I'm sorry, but anybody who calls Michael Chiklis and Chris Evans "bland and overrated" should be banned from ever reviewing movies, and to rank this perfectly enjoyable piece of fluff higher on the list than Catwoman, Brenda Starr, and Daredevil is absurd)
11: Sheena
10: The Punisher (this is for the 2004 film with Thomas Jane, not the 1988 one with Dolph Lundgren, which was far far far far worse)
9: Supergirl
8: Barbarella: Queen of the Galaxy (feh; it's a classic, for all that it's trash...)
7: Howard the Duck
6: Steel (Bernardin gets fifty lashes with Steel's hammer for dissing the excellent John Henry Irons comic book character on which the movie's based; however, the movie belongs on the list ferdamnsure)
5: Swamp Thing
4: Batman & Robin (however, nipples on the batsuit were the absolute least of this abomination's faults; seriously, this movie had absolutely no relationship with the human condition)
3: The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen
2: Superman IV: The Quest for Peace
1: Judge Dredd (actually, the first 15 minutes of this film are fantastically brilliant; it goes way off the rails after that)

Also: where the fuck are Spider-Man 3 and X-Men: The Last Stand, both of which are several dozen orders of magnitude worse than most of what's on the above list?
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Jerciho finale

transient_dude reminded me that I hadn't posted about the season two finale of Jericho....

This whole season has been a clinic in tight screenwriting, and the finale was the finest example. There was not a single wasted moment anywhere in this episode, no time wasted, and yet they got everything in and it never once felt rushed. Plus there were some damn fine lines, from Gray's embolism line to pretty much all the dialogue between Jake and Hawkins ("How are we going to locate the bomb?" "No idea"; "I'm ignoring you"). They even snuck a wedding in.

It was also both a good ending yet also left things open in case someone else (say, USA or Sci-Fi) picks it up. Similar to what they did on Supernatural last year -- the end of "All Hell Breaks Loose" wouldn't have been a bad place to end things if the show got cancelled, but it left things ready for a possible (and, eventually, actual) third season.

I'm starting to think that every TV show should be forced into shorter seasons. The writing would improve exponentially....
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cute cat alert!

So I get home from karate, and I see an amusing sight on the bed.

Being me, I took a picture:

Seems to me that shot's a LOLcat in the making..................
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