March 31st, 2008


one down.....

I've just finished the first draft of a tie-in proposal. This is the one I had lunch with the editor regarding on Monday. I've sent it off to three beta readers before I trundle it to said editor.

Next up are another novel tie-in proposal, two comic book proposals, and a comic book script. Cha cha cha.
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NYY, melky

talkin' baseball

I'll be liveblogging today's Yankees-Blue Jays game at Yankee Stadium, assuming the game ever starts. Right now, they're mired in a rain delay, but they're also determined to get the game in. Yeesh.

Edited to add: Or not. The game's been postponed to tomorrow night. I'll be doing my guest-lecturing thang up at UConn-Storrs tomorrow, so I won't be liveblogging Opening Day. Sigh.
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