April 3rd, 2008

Simpsons KRAD

I never could get the hang of Thursdays....

Spent the last two days going pretty strongly, and will have a very busy weekend (my I-Con schedule has been slightly revised, which I'll post shortly), so I'm spending today mostly relaxing. This is good, as I'm honestly exhausted.

As if to prove it, I just now remembered that I really should be doing laundry. *facepalm*

Back in a bit.......................
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really-o-truly-o I-Con 27 schedule

Here's my allegedly final schedule for I-Con 27 this weekend, complete with room assignments:

7-8pm: "Tie-Ins: Putting a Personal Spin on Shared Worlds" w/Aaron Rosenberg and maybe Terri Osborne (if her train gets in on time)--SAC 311
8-9pm: Boogie Knights concert--Harriman 137
11.30pm-whenever: appearing on WUSB's Destinies: The Voice of Science Fiction w/a cast of dozens, hosted by Dr. Howard Margolin

11am-12pm: "Did We Sell Our Souls?: Writing for Star Trek" w/Peter S. Beagle, Norman Spinrad, Peter David, Terri Osborne, and Kat Hankinson--SAC 302
3-4pm: "Mixing Mystery and Speculative Fiction" w/Charlaine Harris, Adam-Troy Castro, Drew Henrisken, and Jennifer Crawford--SAC 302
4-5pm: Boogie Knights concert--SAC Auditorium
8pm-1am: cabaret (the Boogies will be among several acts performing)--SAC Auditorium

1-2pm: "The Agent-Editor-Writer Relationship" w/Joshua Bilmes, Terri Osborne, David A. Kyle, Terry McGarry, and Liz Gorinsky--SAC 311
2-3pm: Boogie Knights concert--SAC Auditorium

The schedule says I'm autographing from 8-9pm on Friday night, but that obviously isn't happening, since I haven't quite mastered the shattering of the laws of physics yet. (It's obvious that the music track never bothered talking to the author track, so I'm stunned that was the only conflict.)
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her majesty surveys her demesne

Aoki sometimes likes to jump on top of the china closet in the dining room and look out over the apartment from on high. (This is a china closet that has been in my family as long as I have, and the piece is older than that. You can't tell from this picture, but it's a lovely piece, one that someone was throwing away, and my parents snatched it up. I inherited it when I moved out on my own.)

Anyhow, Collapse )
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handy tips for meeting writers at conventions

John Scalzi provides a very useful guide to talking to authors at conventions.

Pretty much all of that applies to me -- the only differences are that I blame consumption of alcohol rather than artificial sweeteners for my inability to remember the names of people I've seen six hundred times before, and that terri_osborne is more likely to use a sword than a baseball bat. *grin*
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