April 6th, 2008


I-Con day two

The panel on writing Star Trek was interesting. We had Norman Spinrad being cranky, Peter Beagle being eloquent, Kat Hankinson telling it from the perspective of a WGA intern on DS9, and me, Terri, and Peter David being clever and witty. Well, okay, they were clever and witty and I was about half that....

The mysteries/SF panel was very good, though Charlaine Harris didn't realize until the last minute that she was moderating (a problem she shared with Norman, actually). Then was a most excellent Boogie Knights concert (a highlight of which was breaking lyonessnyc's brain when we sang "Gandalf Got Molested by a Balrog"), then we came back to the hotel and ate and napped, then I came back for the Cabaret. Of course, we were the penultimate act (sigh), so we sat around and watched acts that ranged from excellent to mind-boggling.

Then we did a three-set song that became a five-set song because a) the cabaret was ending early and b) one of the Brobdignagian Bards had a nosebleed. He eventually came out with tissues up his nose. *chuckle* We aided the Bards by doing a can-can during "Always Look on the Bright Side of Life."

Afterward we chatted with folks, sold some CDs and songbooks, and had a wonderful time. Now I'm back at the room and may watch Doctor Who before going to sleep.....................
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sucks, penguin5

Charlton Heston, RIP

Charlton Heston has died at the age of 84. Cause of death has not been revealed.

The man was one of the finest actors of our time, and that's how I'd prefer to remember him, rather than as the despicable gun-nut. I'd rather remember his stellar performance in Kenneth Branagh's Hamlet (which is actually my favorite performance of his) than his deplorable speech about prying his gun from his "cold, dead hands."

(Though one wonders if we can have the gun now.................)
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keith & terri

yes, we really talk like this

(With apologies to gnomi and mabfan for stealing the subject line again....)

Our heroes are on the Stony Brook University campus walking from the parking lot to the Indoor Sports Complex....

me: There's a condom on the ground.

Terri: It's a college campus, whaddaya expect?

me: But we're nowhere near the dorms!

Terri: Yes, but we're near bushes.

It should be added that the prophylactic in question was bright red, thus showing school spirit, as red is an SBU school color....
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