April 7th, 2008

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ladies and gentlemen, we have our own Lori Jareo

Some of you may recall a mere two years ago this month, a twit by the name of Lori Jareo, who published her unauthorized Star Wars fanfic through a publisher that had distribution on Amazon.com.

Many of you were no doubt thinking, "Hey, how come SW gets all the asshats who don't understand copyright violation? Where's the love for Trekkie asshats?"

Worry not, fellow Trekkers! We have our own case of rectal haberdashery, and his name is Austin P. Torney, and his book is called Star Trek: The Death Wave.

We'll see if CBS/Paramount is as fast to C&D this as Lucas was two years ago. The folks at CreateSpace really should've known better........

(Thanks to daytonward for the headsup.)
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Monday, Monday

Returned the rental car, helped suricattus with some literal heavy lifting, left messages for two editors, had a very productive conversation with a licensor and an editor about an upcoming project, and am about to head out to have dinner with infinitydog, terri_osborne, and Paul Simpson, the editor of Titan's Star Trek magazine (and his lovely SO).

At the moment, however, I have a cat in my lap. Also, Terri and I decided that Marcus and Aoki are the Slappy Squirrel and Skippy Squirrel of cats, because Marcus is a cranky old fart and Aoki is an eager young goofball. *grin*
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