April 9th, 2008

alien spotlight


I've just seen four pages of art from my Star Trek: Alien Spotlight comic book.


This book is gonna fucking rock........
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klingon empire

a nice review!

SFX has printed a review in their April 2008 issue by John Donnelly of A Burning House that is quite favorable:

A Burning House could easily be dismissed as middling alien space fantasy. But that would be to do it a dishonour. What makes this a stand-out is the rich and textured Klingon backstory that DeCandido assiduously draws on. He treats his readers with great respect, even including a glossary of terms for lowly PetaQpu' who only studied Klingon to GCSE level. If you've never read an All-Klingon, All-Dancing Trek novel before, stand fast: today is a good day to try.

The issue is available at bookstore newsstands in the States, and most newsstands in the UK.
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I-Con concert footage!

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