April 13th, 2008


my Sunday feeling

Knew I forgot something.....

Totally forgot that drewshi's having a birthday party for both his kids tomorrow, so I'm going up there for that after David's unveiling. Right now, I'm reading through the manuscript for a friend, and then I have to figure out two more plot points in the comics proposal.

Liveblogged today's Yankees loss to the Red Sox, and will do it again tomorrow night. Also watched some Doctor Who and Torchwood on BBC America during the game's rain delay.

Okay, back to the manuscript....
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David's headstone

Went to the unveiling of the headstone of David Honigsberg dochyel. It was a lovely ceremony, and a bunch of us then went to a nearby Italian restaurant. I didn't stick around long, as I had to get to the drewshi family birthday shindig 1.5 hours away, but I did hang out for a bit at the restaurant, and it was just wonderful -- exactly what was needed after that.

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