April 14th, 2008


my Sunday feeling (continued)

Well, the game sucked, as my boy Phil pitched for shit and the Yanks lost 8-5. Worse, while I got to see the game (plus), I had to endure the comedy stylings of Jon Miller and Joe Morgan, who get more incoherent with each passing year (or maybe I just get less patience with their inanity and willful stupidity).

Drove through four of the five boroughs today, and also drove in seven different counties (Bronx, New York, Kings, Queens, Westchester, Fairfield, and Putnam). This is utterly meaningless, but I thought it was cool to mention.

Working on various plot bunnies, and trying to finish off the comics proposal so it'll be in the editor's in-box when he comes into work tomorrow.

Today was a very weird combination of life and death. Seeing the headstone with David's name on it was more of a blow than I thought it would be, but having everyone there comforting each other, all of whom loved David, made it easier to deal with. Most amusing were gryphonrose and jendaby's kids, who were just having fun being outside and being in a restaurant and just being kids.

That increased tenfold when I went from to drewshi's party for his two kids, which had a ton of little kids at it who were having a blast on the bouncy-thing and playing games and, again, enjoying being kids.

Oh, and popfiend and wife gave me my birthday present early: The Batman Superman Movie on DVD and the CD/DVD combo The Essential Paul Simon.

It's funny, I keep forgetting my birthday is Friday until people remind me. It doesn't feel like my birthday's coming the way it does other years. Maybe it's because I've already started thinking of myself as 39 even though I won't hit it until 3.28pm Friday.

Ah, well. Back to work...........
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Shine a Light

Went with the forebearance (helgabee, girasole, bronxbob350, and the LJ-less Infomancer) to see Shine a Light, the Martin Scorsese concert movie that includes bits from two Rolling Stones shows at the Beacon Theatre in fall 2006, interspersed with footage from interviews with the Stones throughout their entire career (high points of which were a very young Mick Jagger saying that maybe the Stones, having been together for two years, could go one more year, and Dick Cavett in 1972 asking Jagger if he could still do this at age 60, and Jagger unhesitatingly saying yes).

But the concert was the main part. Some critics have derided this as not being as good as Scorsese's The Last Waltz in 1977, but Jesus -- that's a ridiculous standard. (Trivia: Ron Wood and Scorsese himself are the only people in both movies.) The music was fantastic, with the four main Stones supplemented by bass, keyboards, brass, backup sings, and the occasional percussion. In addition, we got guests Jack White of White Stripes on "Loving Cup," Christina Aguilera (really!) on "Live with Me," and Buddy Guy on a scorching rendition of the old blues song "Champagne and Reefer." I could watch Ron Wood and Keith Richards play guitar forever, and you add Buddy Guy to the equation and it's fucking heaven on Earth.

They didn't do "Gimme Shelter," for which they get ten demerits, but aside from that, it's a great concert movie, and one I strongly recommend for anyone who's a Stones fan.
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