April 15th, 2008

doctor who

short review of the new Who season


Anyone not watching because they don't like Catherine Tate -- or apprehensive about watching because of her -- has nothing to worry about. Donna Noble is an excellent companion, and a huge relief after three straight companions who got all dewey-eyed over the Doctor. She's a much more traditional companion, in the mode of Liz, Sarah Jane, Leela, Romana, Tegan, and Ace -- a woman who can take care of herself and has a mind of her own, but also has a huge well of compassion. (In "Fires of Pompeii," and this isn't a spoiler as it happens right after the opening credits, the first thing Donna does when she's told it's Pompeii pre-volcano is try to figure out a way to save the people in Pompeii.)
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happy birthday to Aoki!

Our little girl is four years old today.

Happy birthday, Aoki!

(The birthday girl is currently sitting in the windowsill, staring at the birds....)
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NYY, melky

yay A-Rod!

Last night in the first inning of the Yankees' eventual win against the Tampa Bay Devil Rays, Alex Rodriguez hit a solo home run. It was the 521st of his career, tying him on the all-time home run list for 15th with Ted Williams and Willie McCovey.

If he hits 30 home runs this year, he'll vault up to 12th, lapping Jimmy Foxx and Mickey Mantle and tying him with Mike Schmidt for 548. If he beats his 2007 total of 54 and hits 55, he'll tie Reggie Jackson for 11th with 563.

And he's only 32 years old with no history of injury trouble. It's perfectly possible that he'll hit #600 in 2009.....
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